Been • Done

Dan Langley has been a photographer his entire working life. After studying at RIT and a couple years of assisting, Dan began his own studio in Seattle which was busy from the start. Working with regional and national clients he has been recognized with multiple awards from Communication Arts, The One Show and The Art Directors Club. The relationshiops he formed have lasted years and new business has been generated through referrals. Through the years he has mastered his craft along with his design and compositional skills. Dan's confidence and taste level provide a great starting place for any project.

Capable • Creative

Woking with Dan is always easy. He can take direction and always collaborates with everyone involved adding and building upon expections. Dan is able to place himself in the viewers mind and keep a clear idea of what is being communicated visually. There is a high sense of design, balance and style in his work. He has always felt ownership in everything that leaves the studio and makes sure that he is proud of every job.

Through years of working with Designers and Art Directors Dan understands their needs and pressures. He and his team confidently know how to make things go smoothly so that everyone can focus on the job at hand while building upon each others talents without stress.

Post Production Team

Digital retouch and color managament can be controlled to the end process ensuring a quick turn of images from the point of capture to a media ready deliverable. The post team has worked in color houses and for other photographers prior to working with Dan and each is an accomplished photographer, along with being really cool people. This team has been together for years working in studio with Dan. Having capture and post along side one another offers a great advantage for Dan's creative capabilities and for efficiency.


The studio's fun, we work hard and laugh a lot. It's a cool collective of personalities and each adds to the balance. Easy about life serious about producing good work. We've been in the middle of Capitol Hill scene since the beginning, With a great view from Pike and Broadway. Surrounded by restaurants and bars we always have something good for lunch or have a place to go after a job.


Fully equipped to have two sets with Phaseone IQ backs and profoto lighting we have what we need for most shoots. Stylist have Steamers, racks, workspace and everything they might require too.

Often travelling Dan is comfortable working on location and is familiar with rental studios in NYC, LA, Miami, and SF.


Outside of work Dan's time is spent with family and tending to his pristinely landscaped yard which has been a twenty year work in progress.